Philco Pc



A Concept Design that takes us back and wish our first desktop looked like it: PhilcoPC by SchultzeWORKS

It kinda looks like our first computer when broadband connections were science fiction and we still had an ICQ account but only much cooler and stylish. I have always been a sucker for the designs of  much simpler and elegant times and that is why people like me will be crazy for this “Philco PC” by SchultzeWORKS that was inspired by the 1950’s design classic Philco Predicta. “Philco PC”, is elegant, stylish, a perfect combination of vintage and new age and unfortunately just a concept and not a reality for now. The lead designer Dave Schultze , was very pleased by the positive interest in the concept design of the Philco PC as stated at SchultzeWORKS’s website that he was encouraged to create “a one-minute 3D animation. This video is now being used for presentation to PC makers for manufacturing consideration, and can be seen online at

Again, the concept design does not have a warm home to be produced at just yet but please hold your breath like I do, cuz we need to believe my friends. “If they build it, we will come”.


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